Networks in PS

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Networks can be used to map the flow of different project activities as activities and relationships in the system. Networks allow you to use logistic integrations with materials management, production, plant maintenance, purchasing, capacity requirements planning and time scheduling.

Networks have one responsible person called an MRP controller. Networks are made up of activities. Technically networks are implemented as orders so some of their functions will remind you of production, maintenance or service orders. There are four different types of activity elements:

  1. Internal element
  2. External element
  3. Service element
  4. Costs element

In contrast to an activity, an activity element does not contain any relationships and is therefore not relevant for time scheduling . Using activity elements instead of activities you can keep a clear structure of the network as well as the time scheduling component of the network.

Subnetworks are networks linked to an activity of another network via assignment at the network header level. Several subnetworks can be assigned to an activity.

Milestones can be used to map events of particular importance, such as the completion of critical project stages. Milestones can be assigned to WBS elements. Planned date and planned percentage completion of the milestone can be determined by the Prog Analysis indicator.

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One thought on “Networks in PS

  1. So if you post goods issue from Project, how can you see the actuals (accounting docs) at the network level as oppose to WBS level?

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